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I woke up smiling ...
With a beautiful dream I had!
I dreamed I was a child,
And the world was an alliance ...
Peace, love and affection!
Strolling through the pastures,
Playing hide and seek!
Rose high in the trees and
Jumped over the hills.
My joy was eternal!
Do not cry because it had!
All were on my side!
Peace reigned in my home.
Upon waking, I remembered ...
From my time child
I closed my eyes in an attempt
Returning to childhood!
I remembered every moment
I passed and I was happy ...
Dances on the table!
Of applause!
Smile and family
The moments acquired!
My sweet, sweet grandmother ...
Their food warm!
His call: Missy!
Just so I do not miss it!
My grandfather in the office
All dressed in white
There was a doctor, was a dentist!
More than that, an artist!
So it used to be!
I have all the memories,
From my time child
You only have once.
So eager to be great!
And here I am today ...
With only memories!
For a while now.


I look and see you pass ...
Spending like the wind that blows,
I feel it and touch me ...
But I can not play!
Maybe fate take me
Anywhere from space,
Then wrap me in ties
And do not let me drop.
Nightmare on reality
Search the one truth ...
That one day I'll have to find!
Oh .. Strange feeling ...
The having and losing!
To fight and not win!
And you have to forget.
That makes me feel a thing!
Flying with broken wings!
Crying in pain and suffering.
And today I see you pass ...
In that'll navigate the seas?
And to avoid thinking ...
I try not to meet you!
Who knows if the light of love,
A day does not turn to shine?
Maybe dream indeed
And I do not know what will cause me!
But ... Who knows, someday you think
Navigating to and fro?

IN YOU ...

In you came inspiration!
In you I found a reason ...
One more reason to live.
I painted something very colorful and ...
I identified it with you!
In my thoughts ...
I created an image of a
Landscape painted in the sky!
Again ... I dreamed
A dream dreamed,
Woke up ... And I saw the truth ...
That all this was an illusion ...
And my painted landscape
It was not as colorful but ...
A black darkness!
You is not my painting ...
And yes, a bit blurred ...
A paper found on the floor!
To you I dedicated my love and attention!
But in return I received ... Disappointment.


I looked at that smile ...
Without grace, without love and light!
Would love to have?
In fact I can not judge!
Just looked at the gestures ...
And I saw the twinkle in her eye!
Love really is a gift,
What some have only just!
Do not buy! Do not sell!
Simply get up!
Not in a corner ...
Not on newsstands!
It's a godsend!
A heavenly gift.
And then I could understand ...
I was not born to suffer!
I was born to be loved and ...
See the light at dawn!
The audience was thrilled with the representation!
A fake perfect, no marriage!
I looked inside me ...
And I saw that person!
And for the first time ...
Do not want to go back to the past!
I was afraid the trapeze!
I was afraid of the clown!
And when the lights ceased,
I turned to the mirror ...
There were no marks!
Returned my glare.


Today I woke up and ...
I realized that the time
Went too fast!
Dreams ... Gone!
Cowardice to start
Make us weak and vulnerable!
Like a boat adrift ...
Without knowing which direction to take ...
Always waiting for a wind
To show us the right direction!
Errors and frustrations of the past ...
Ghosts that haunt ...
Whenever we want to start!
But ... Today I woke up and ...
Deciding that the time will not
Spending alone ...
I'll piggyback on their wings and fly ...
I do not know where I'm going!
But ... I'm sure I'll get somewhere!
And this time ... With courage!
If going to work ... I do not know!
But ... If you want to ... You can stay here and ...
Hitchhiking in my dreams.


At the height of youth ...
Awake you for the love!
Kindle the lights of life
Let the fire burning,
A fire that burns inside
Without giving explanation!
Catches us unawares ...
Involving the heart!
Reality in magic
Despair in solitude!
Trying to hide a secret ...
What went through illusion!
Shine your eyes to see it!
Tremo inside and outside,
Stifling a feeling ...
What terrifies the bottom.
At the height of youth ...
I want to live the moment,
And share it with the world ...
The joy of loving you!
I let them know
From my great passion!
I want everybody to listen ...
The beating of my heart.
Even before all
I live right now ...
I can never avoid
Not changing my feelings!
For when love settles
Within a heart ...
The strongest shut up!
And the weakest says no!
Do not know how much I love you!
Or at least how I suffered!
Someday maybe call you
And I ask ... Come back to me!


So ... Finally it's Christmas!
I made a note to that old man!
That will bring me?
I was very quiet the whole year ...
Do not go forgetting!
I was sitting there in the chair
Looking at the fireplace ...
The fire grew tired, and he did not get deleted!
Another night passed!
Then I cried and cried! But ...
Wait a bit:
He's just an old man,
Do not take any more run!
I'll wait a little longer,
Sitting on this stool ...
Until he came to see me.
The night glittered and glowed ...
And the stars called ...
- Come on, buddy, come see me!
I ran out!
What an honor, what glory!
And he came!
Arrived majestic, beautiful gesture that!
That brought to me?
Brought me a present!
Brought me a toy!
I was so happy!
I knew that coming ... So, I waited!
I'll just make a little note,
For the next year!
Almost got no gift,
Do not want him to forget me!
This year I won a ball!
The next year ...
Do not want to win a pen.


In this cruel world we live in,
I can not understand ...
Why kill people
Yet to be born?
Why do people show
Such dissatisfaction ...
In the purity of the child
Or green lemon?
If life brings us joy,
The death brings grief!
Time gives us the memory
And also forgetting!
The heart pounding jumps
When you're in love!
Tears stream from his face ...
When we are despised!
And consciousness accuses ...
When we are guilty.
The hopes are reborn
Every dawn!
And life over to death ...
Children who went to live!
Where is the feeling?
No springs in your heart?
And your soul Do not Cry
The echo of an illusion?
You did not come into the world for nothing!
What reason brought you here?
If you're happy in the world ...
Why not let another life arise?


There I was ... Watching you shine!
The lights illuminated the scene,
Not as those emitted rays
Coming out of your eyes ...
There I was ... Watching you shine!
Under the red light of the stage ...
Your gaze wandered to my demand!
And then I closed my eyes and thought ...
A dream that is dreamed,
No dream is to be counted.
While the crowd was lost in the music ...
I got lost in the brightness of your eyes!
It would be dream ... That my fertile mind sought in your self?
Those songs that came out of your lips ...
It was as if they were for me!
This tear that currently falls down my face,
Not tears of sadness ...
I am happy to see you shine on stage!
Now you are no longer just my boy ...
Became a star! You will be required
And I want to wish you, but ...
You'll never be loved the simplicity that I loved you!
The pain I feel in my chest right now ...
It is not only able to share with you
This joy that you are feeling.
While the show lasted ... The only noise you hear ...
Were the beats of your heart ...
With the nervousness of facing an audience!
Twinkle, my love ... Shine! Even knowing
May these reflections that leave you ...
One day cease to exist for me.
But ... There I was ... Watching you shine.

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